Dennis Harrington

Sculptor Dennis Harrington was born and raised in the picturesque Gallatin Valley in Bozeman, Montana.  Surrounded by a visual patina of pristine peaks, verdant forests and azure rivers, the artist is impelled toward the creation of uniquely evocative sculptures, which manifest both the untamed, searing beauty of nature and the rich cultural history of the West.  Stimulating the senses through fixed form, Harrington’s work is rife with undertones of sensuality and power, suggestive of both fluid movement and tightly leashed energy.


Harrington began his quest to embody the majesty of the West with “Guardian Spirit“, a heroic larger-than-life rendering of Montana’s own native grizzly bear.  The massive piece, dedicated to the people of the Gallatin Valley, stands on display at Bozeman-Yellowstone Airport.


Constantly seeking to expand his unique understanding of man’s interdependence with nature, Harrington’s focus shifted from wildlife to the human form in 1999, resulting in the Cowgirl Series depicting the iconic women of the West in modern-day form.  Sensual, masterfully executed, and both innovative and evocative of times past, these figure studies mark Harrington’s entrance into the ranks of today’s most significant artists.


While he has become well known for his masterfully executed cowgirl sculptures, he was recently commissioned by Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, to sculpt a bust of Steve Hertz, the retiring baseball coach, for installation at their new Patterson Baseball Complex. 


Harrington recently completed a life-size sculpture of the crucifixion of Christ, that hangs in the Holy Rosary Church in Bozeman, MT.


Harrington’s future works will continue to embody the sensual and the sublime, and explore the limits of both power and poignancy.  Unrelenting in his demand for excellence in artistic expression, his journey has only just begun.


Harrington also owns Planet Bronze Art Gallery in Bozeman, which has been representing area artists for 20 years. Find Dennis’ limited edition bronzes, as well as a diversity of contemporary, western and wildlife sculptures and paintings by over 20 other artists, at Planet Bronze, Montana’s premiere art gallery.  There is also custom framing that is second to none.



Art Institute of Seattle, Associates degree in Illustration, 1988-1990



1996 - Monument “Guardian Spirit” on permanent display at Gallatin Field Airport

1997 - Commissioned by Montana State University President Michael Malone to sculpt “Bobcat”, mascot of MSU

2000 - Montana State dinosaur “Maiasaura Peeblesorum” on permanent display in Governor’s Office at the MT State Capitol

2000  - “Maiasaura Peeblesorum” placed in Montana State University President’s Office

2002  - “Maiasaura Peeblesorum” on permanent display at Museum of the Rockies, Bozeman, Montana

2004 -  Sculpted Achievement Award for Director John Dahl of “The Great Raid”, a Miramax film

2005 - L’auberge du Lac Casino Resort Hotel, Lake Charles, LA, collection of Harrington sculptures installed in the casino

2005   The Wort Hotel, Jackson Hole, Wyoming,  collection of Harrington sculptures in the “Cowgirl  Suite”

2006   Presented to First Lady Laura Bush, on behalf of the Gallatin County Republican National Committee, a small “Guardian Spirit” to be displayed at the White House

2007   Commissioned by Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, to sculpt a life-size bust of retired baseball coach Steve Hertz for installation at their new Patterson Baseball Complex

2010 - Commissioned by the Bozeman High School Alumni Association to sculpt a tree that is displayed in the local high school to honor the alumni and encourage the students to fight for their dreams.

2013 - Commissioned by the Chicago Air and Space Museum to sculpt the Apollo 8 crew 

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